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ID-Cooling SE-224-RGB Air Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The ID-Cooling SE-224-RGB retails for a price in the region of $35 and in terms of air coolers that is certainly within the remit of the ‘entry-level’ area of pricing.

When it comes to considering if it is worth the money, however, I think it is. Inexpensive air coolers are not exactly hard to find. It is, however, difficult to find one (for this price) that offers motherboard RGB sync compatibility. For that reason alone, it certainly tips to the scales into definitely representing some good value!


In terms of the design and presentation, the ID-Cooling SE-224-RGB is exceptionally solid. Despite this being a low-cost cooler, it neither looks nor feels cheap. In fact, if our testing showed anything, it’s actually a rather impressive cooler as long as you don’t start asking too much from it.

It isn’t overclocking friendly, but then for this price overclocking shouldn’t be on your list of priorities!

With some nice strong RGB effects as well, combined with the sync compatibility, it offers a surprisingly solid package for a very nice price point.

Should I Buy One?

You’ll never struggle to find an inexpensive air cooler. It is, however, always difficult to find those that actually offer a genuine level of performance. With this in mind, how does the ID-Cooling SE-224-RGB fit into the picture? – Well, there are a number of factors to consider.

At stock levels, it has exceptionally good temperature and noise performance. It has strong RGB effects that are also sync capable and it has a design and aesthetic that is hard to fault.

For a low-cost cooling solution, one that offers you more than a little extra on the market average, the ID-Cooling SE-224-RGB is an excellent option.


  • Excellent design
  • Strong aesthetics with the lights on or off
  • Excellent performance at stock levels
  • Exceptional RGB controls with manual adaptor and sync compatibility
  • Significantly better than many of its price point alternatives.


  • None


  • The manual would benefit from better detail
  • Very little practical overclocking potential
ID-Cooling SE-224-RGB Cooler Review

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Mike Sanders

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