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ID-Cooling SE-234-ARGB Air Cooler Review

ID-Cooling has an excellent reputation for bringing inexpensive cooling solutions to the market that often pack a significantly greater punch than the price tag would suggest. With the release of the SE-234-ARGB, however, we have one of their most ambitious (and impressive) air cooler releases to date.

ID-Cooling SE-234-ARGB

Featuring ARGB lighting compatible with both the fan and the top plate to the radiator, right off the bat the SE-234-ARGB has some pretty amazing visual effects. As a cooler though, while looks are good, in terms of overall practicality, they are secondary to performance. If it performs half as well as it looks though, then we could have a real winner on our hands here!

So, does this new ID-Cooling product already have you intrigued? Well, let’s take a look at some of the specifications and features!


  • Multi-Dimensional ARGB lighting
  • X-Shape Fin Design for Better Airflow
  • Advances 2ball bearing fan design
  • Perfect memory compatibility
  • Metal-Mecha Mounting system
  • Motherboard ARGB Sync compatible
  • Includes manual ARGB controller

Technical Information

For more in-depth specifications, please visit the official product page via the link here!

Socket Compatibility

Exterior Packaging

The exterior packaging carries the orange and black colouring that is well associated with the ID-Cooling brand. To the front, you’re given a nice clear view of the cooler including all of its ARGB glory in action!

For the rest of the packaging, unfortunately the details are rather light. While it does tell you everything you could largely want to know, the way in which it is presented is if we’re being honest, quite poor. The details are small, cramped, and often both!

So, I suppose the short version is that if you want to learn more about this cooler from the box, you’re going to need your reading glasses!


In terms of accessories, while they are relatively basic and ‘as you would expect’, there are a few items that definitely warrant some specific attention.

Firstly, you’re giving a tube of thermal paste which is always handy! Secondly, you’re also provided with a manual RGB controller. Put simply, I love it when these are provided as not all people have ARGB compatible motherboards. With this in the box and ready to go, you know you can get the best from the light show here!

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Mike Sanders

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