IDE Isn’t Dead yet, SuperTalent Release DuraDrive ZT4 SSD

/ 3 years ago

supertalent duradrive zt4

Here we are, most of us thinking that the 40pin IDE connector was a part of history by now – but that isn’t so. There’s still a lot of older systems in use, especially in the aerospace sector, that uses this ‘older’ hardware. It is less sensitive and thereby more reliable in harsh environments.

Mechanical drives aren’t optimal in those situations either and speedy access to files is equally relevant everywhere. For this SuperTalent announced their latest solid state drive, the DuraDrive ZT4.

The DuraDrive ZT4 comes in a 1.8″ form factor and connects through the ICE-ZIF-40 interface. It uses MLC NAND and will be available from 16GB to 256GB capacity. It will read files with up to 110MB/s and write with up to 90MB/s. It has 128MB internal cache to aid the performance and an MTBF of over 1 million hours.

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The DuraDrive ZT4 also comes with features such as ECC/EDC error correction, bad bit management firmware and wear leveling technology.

Thanks to SuperTalent for providing us with this information

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