iDrink Turns Your iPhone 6 into a Breathalyzer, Game, and Taxi Hailer

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A new Indiegogo campaign has begun, aimed at iPhone owners who like to be on the safe side before entering a vehicle to drive. Although one shouldn’t drive at all when drinking, the new iDrink smartphone case can turn your iPhone into a breathalyzer and make sure that you at least don’t drive when above the legal limit.

iDrink Inc. is founded in Las Vegas, where else, by the two brothers Kyle and Tyler Roberts. They work as Sr. Safety Scientist at the National Nuclear Security Site and structural engineer, special inspections engineer, and nuclear high hazard field engineer, so one must assume they have some knowledge on how to pull this off, even though it’s a bit outside their normal work area.

The iDrink is more than just a breathalyzer, it’s also a game – and one where the difficulty is decided by your BAC (blood alcohol content). The case can also use the current location to hail a taxi for you while you play your video game. I can see this becoming popular.

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The Indiegogo version will cost you a pledge of $150, but you can also get a promotional item for a $30 pledge. The total goal for the Indiegogocampaign is only $20,000 and is needed to supplement the investments they already have secured. The initial Indiegogo First Edition will only be for the iPhone 6, but later models for other smartphones and brands are planned once the projects gets off the ground.

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