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If You’re Enjoying WWE 2K20 Then You’re (Likely) Not Playing It!

It has been a long time now since I paid any notable attention to the WWE (or WWF as I shall always refer to it). I must confess though, it is something of a guilty pleasure that I have to occasionally dip my toe into. It’s probably something to do with growing up during the ‘Golden Era’ of wrestlers such as Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and many more I promise you I could list!

Having never generally heard much good about the gaming releases from 2K, however, I have at least been sensible enough to avoid (most) of them.

With the recent release of the latest gaming adaptation (WWE 2K20), however, it seems that based on the Twitter reports, the only people who are likely enjoying it at the moment are those who, like me, are just sitting back and watching this disaster unfold!

WWE 2K20 Amazes, But Not For Good Reasons!

Following a number of posts on various review and social media accounts, it seems pretty clear that in terms of a ‘polished product’ WWE 2K20 is about as far away from that description as you could possibly imagine. It is, quite frankly, turning into something of a “dumpster fire” in terms of negativity largely because the game is so horrendously crammed full of glitches, bugs and other things that break the (to use a wrestling term) “kayfabe” of the experience.

“After playing this game I can say that it is the BIGGEST DUMPSTER FIRE EVER PRODUCED BY 2K!!!!!!!! This game has bugs that you only see in Alpha builds and shouldn’t be in a finished product. Glitches that have been around since 2K15 are still here along with a slew of new and worse” – Just one of the ‘overwhelmingly negative’ Steam reviews

What Do We Think?

We often hear criticisms of franchises such as Call of Duty and Fifa that the developers seem to essentially re-release the same game each year. In this instance, however, it seems that WWE 2K20 is worse than anything seen before!

Given that it’s retailing for a price in the region of £40-50 (for PS4, Xbox One and PC) all we can say is that based on these videos if you have been tempted with this one, it seems clear that you are best advised to avoid this at all costs! Well, unless you are something of a gaming masochist!

What do you think? You didn’t buy this abomination, did you? If not (or so), what’s the buggiest game you have ever played? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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