iFixit gives Microsoft’s Surface Pro a repairability score of 1 out 10

/ 4 years ago

The good guys at iFixit have given the lowest repairability rating that one wouldn’t like to see to a gadget when they may need to disassemble anything if required.

iFixit points that the internal components needs a lot of care when disassembling the unit. They pointed out that even after removing the display panel’s adhesive, care needs to be taken that you do not damage it, as it took them a long time to process heating and prying the tablet. It’s also been noted that the ‘sticky black stuff’ is not tar, although it was unbelievably similar; even the smell.

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The entire process saw them remove a total of over 90 screws. Although it’s noted that on the bright side that the battery is not soldered to the motherboard and that the SSD is removable, but there’s a very high risk that you would end up permanently damaging the tablet unless the procedure is followed to the letter.

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