iFixit opens the iPhone 4S, confirming some doubts

/ 6 years ago

Ahead of the official release, iFixit have opened up the new iPhone 4S, showing us the new updates from the iPhone 4 internally as well as finally giving us the RAM it is equipped with.

Inside we find what the communication update is with the Qualcomm MDM6610 dual-mode baseband and other ‘gimmick’ updates such as the improved vibrator.

What some people may call a disadvantage is the touchscreen panel connection point being the same as the one used on the older GSM iPhone 4 instead of the more recent CDMA models.

Not only this, but iFixit have finally confirmed the the RAM memory of the new update iPhone. Rumoured to have 1GB with Apple’s new A5 processor, the iPhone 4S now officially has 512MB.

How do they know? Well the A5 chip shows codes reading E4E4 which tells us that it contains two 2Gb dies, 4 Gigabits being the equivalent of half a Gigabyte, in other words 512MB.

As for the score, well iFixit give the iPhone 4S a 6 out of 10 for repairability, same as the previous iPhone 4, and this is mainly due to the fact that Apple uses pentalobe screws.



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