iGoogle Has Been Shut Down As Planned

/ 4 years ago


Google introduced a personalized web portal where users could create its own homepage with the most important information named iGoogle back in 2005. Although the service was promising at the beginning, plenty of things have changed since then. After Google issued a thirty-day warning to iGoogle users, the end of iGoogle has come. One of the main reason of this is Google’s focus on its own social network, the Google+.

“As we announced on the Official Google Blog nearly a year and a half ago, today we’re retiring iGoogle. Moving forward, iGoogle will redirect to www.google.com. If you’ve been using iGoogle gadgets to access information from Google products like Gmail and Finance, you can continue to do so via our new app launcher.
We know that many of you enjoyed your customized iGoogle experience, so if you’re looking for alternatives, there are some options that might fit your needs.

Anybody going to the iGoogle page will simply navigate back to Google’s homepage. The only thing left is the search listing for iGoogle, which will also go away.

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