iGuardian Promises Business-Grade Security for Home Users

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The news headlines are full of stories about hacked computers and data breaches, a thing that is starting to concern the users around the world quite a bit. Antivirus technology is a dead end, the companies who create the software say so themselves, so where does that leave the average consumer? Companies have access to a lot of security hardware designed for their network, the rest of us don’t. A new Kickstarter project aims to provide the worrying users with a cheap and easy to use solution.

The iGuardian is born. a Plug and play, zero configuration, Internet protection system, designed specifically for home use. The kickstarter goal of $125 thousand has been passed a while ago and as of writing it has almost $150 thousand in backed pledges, and still 5 days to go. There is no doubt that there is a market for this device, so we can only hope that the after-match of the campaign will run smoothly.

Thirty early birds were able to snag up the iGuardian for just $99, but the rest of us will have to pay $149 plus shipping if we want one. This is still a great price when you compare to other products on the market for this function, they easily cost $1000 and above, and require quite a bit of knowledge on your side to set up. Not so with the iGuardian.


The iGuardian is a device that’s slightly larger than a pack of gum and connects to your network before any other device. It then monitors the data going in and out from connected devices using the most recent security protocols and with the ability to be updated as necessary. The iGuardian serves as an Internet doorman of sorts, keeping an eye out for threats and denying them any kind of access whatsoever.

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It is easier to set up than any kind of software firewall, just needing to be plugged into the same network that others are plugged into. From there, iGuardian can protect not only computers, but smart home appliances, smartphones, and any other products connected to the network

Itus Networks, creator of the iGuardian, lament in their video the lack of home network security on the level of effectiveness that businesses utilize regularly. With the attitude of any engineer, Itus set out to bridge that gap and give individuals reliable digital security that doesn’t get in the way, explaining how the iGuardian works along the way.


The hardware specification variate between the prototype and the target version, but if the prototype can do it, so can the final version too as it has upgrades in every way. The prototype uses two 600MHz ARM11 CPU’s, 512MB RAM, 32MB Flash, 2x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces, one RJ45 Console and a 8GB MicroSD Card.

The final version on the other hand will have a lot more power with two 1.0 GHz MIPS64 CPU’s, 1Gb DDR3 RAM, three Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces, one RJ45 Serial Console, 64MB Flash, SD Card Slot.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”500″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8r6E7ZXgWY[/youtube]

Thank you Kickstarter for providing us with this information

Images and video courtesy of Kickstarter.

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