Images Show Supposed 12-inch MacBook Air Display Unit

/ 3 years ago


New images apparently show the display unit to be used on the rumoured 12-inch MacBook Air. The unit looks markedly different from current Apple notebooks, as it features a solid, polished Apple logo, rather than an illuminated one – just like iPads.

The screen also features an edge-to-edge black cover on the screen, somewhat similar to iPads too. Essentially, this display looks like a first generation iPad, without the home button and an upside-down logo.


The device this display is supposed to be used on is a rumoured even thinner MacBook Air. The new notebook is said to be extraordinarily thin and, as recent rumours suggest, it is to feature only one port – a reversible USB port. If real, this design could prove polarising, taking the original simplified concept of the MacBook Air even further.

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When Steve Jobs introduced the original MacBook Air at Macworld in 2008, many were surprised by its simple design – omitting the then standard DVD drive and using a very small number of I/O ports. This was taken even further in 2010, with the debut of the current design of MacBook Air, a design which has received critical acclaim, spawning a market of thin, drive-less ‘ultrabooks’.

Source and Images: iFanr

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