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Imagine The Witcher 3 As A Cel-Shaded Game

When it comes to games, some argue that what a game looks like is as important as the characters and storylines that take you to worlds unknown. While some games may use ultra high definition textures and advanced graphic techniques to bring a realistic picture of the future to your screen, other games like to simplify the complexity of the world in what’s known as a cel-shaded game.

Witcher 3’s cel-shaded glory was brought to us by jim2point0,  the result of his in-game screenshot being turned into paintings. Below you can find a gallery of the images that were created using Photoshop’s Topaz Simplify Plugin.

While many games look great in high definition, there is something about the simplistic way a cel-shaded game looks that encourages and appeals to the gamer in me.

As a testimony to the graphical style, we’ve also grabbed some cel shading clips from other games. First up is Crysis, bringing top level graphics and a tropical island with art.

Next, we have Rainbow Six 3, an older game that brings a rather interesting style to the uniforms.

Finally, we can enjoy Skyrim, a game where HD mods are common being brought back to a simpler time as you fight dragons and claim ownership of the entire world.

Gareth Andrews

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