Imgur Introduces New GIF Format

/ 2 years ago

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The popular image sharing website, Imgur, has introduced its new GIF format. The company announced last year that it had a plan to reinvent the GIF, and now it has, sort of.

The company’s format is called GIFV, which claims to provide much higher quality GIFs. GIFV is all part of the site’s new ‘Video to GIF’ service, which allows you to turn any streaming video into a GIFV.

However, while it’s simple to convert any streaming video to a GIFV, it’s not exactly that easy to use it anywhere. Outside of Imgur itself, a GIFV requires users to post an embed code if they want to use it on a website. This means it could be difficult for social media use and for e-mail.

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You can try it out for yourself at Imgur.

Source: Imgur

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