In-Car HUD Lets You Respond to Text with Voice and Motion Controls

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Texting while driving is one of the dumbest things you can do behind the wheel, looking at your phone instead of looking at the road is never a good idea and now there may be one solution, heads up displays. Navdy projects car stats, navigation and notifications onto your windscreen, which is nothing new in terms of technology apart from the fact that Navdy also allows you to interact with them with simple hand gestures or speech.

Simply swipe your finger to respond or dismiss an alert such as a call or message, or use the voice commands system which was built around those found in iOS and Android to operate iTunes, navigate on Google Maps etc.

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The company hit Kickstarter, for those who committed within the first 30 days you can pick up a unit for $299, compared to the final price of $499 when it ships in early 2015. Personally I think that’s pretty expensive, but I guess it’ll have to be put through extensive testing by consumers to see if its a hit or a flop.

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