Incredible Dress Fully 3D Printed with the 3Doodler Pen

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The world of 3D printing has changed a lot in the recent years and we’ve seen many new products emerge at an ever decreasing price. One of the few to really stand out is the 3Doodler Pen that allows you to draw 3D models into almost free air.

Using just this pen, the fashion house SHIGO printed an entire seashell themed dress that simply looks amazing. Okay to be fair, it isn’t completely 3D printed, there are buckles on the side and shoulders to allow the wearer to easy take the dress on and off when needed.

The fashion house SHIGO is located in Hong Kong, which bases their ideas behind their projects on concepts of transforming the ordinary into imaginative ideas and inspirational pieces of work, teamed up with 3Doodler and their 3D printing pen to print this elaborate dress. Using this method you overcome the old problems and common misconception that 3D printed clothing is rigid and uncomfortable.


It took the designers almost three month to create this piece, and it turned out even more phenomenal than the designers could have imagined. It’s based on a design of two different kind of seashells that interconnect with each other.

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The designers first printed out a normal 2D template which was pasted onto a hard-paper figurine. This outline allowed them to print directly onto the surface with the 3Doodler with the filaments Blue Steel and Diamonds & Pearls. Once they had printed every single little line, the dress was gently peeled off the model and the buckles were attached with more PLA plastic filaments.

The dress has a very soft texture that feels almost like ordinary clothes due to the amount of thing lines printed in varying angles. And while this won’t be a thing that will enter our retail shops any time soon, it’s an amazing concept and result.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”500″][/youtube]

Thank you 3Dprint for providing us with this information.

Images and video courtesy of 3Dprint.

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