India (finally) gets a 1Gbps Internet connection speed

/ 5 years ago

The new corporate building in Startup Village in the state of Kerala becomes the first place to get 1Gbps internet connection in India- and its not from Google Fibre. Its a decision most likely being made after a report indicating that India ranks #112 in Average Internet connection speed, barely hitting 1 Mbps in average- despite having corporate offices and businesses from multiple reputable international companies.
Startup-Village-1 gbps
The new building will serve offices for Blackberry, IBM, Oracle and KPMG. The project is also pushed by the State government, so this shows that with little bit of a motivation, its possible to roll out high speed broadband connection in India- atleast to corporate offices. However, this requires a massive roll out with many multi national and smaller companies that are spread throughout the country.

Once this spreads out well, its only a matter of time consumers will be able to get a better speed for a reasonable cost- assuming private companies decides to stop milking consumers with ridiculous fair usage policies even for users that don’t use internet a lot.

As of now, Google fibre provides 1Gbps connection speed in Kansas City, USA.

Source: Next Big What


2 Responses to “India (finally) gets a 1Gbps Internet connection speed”
  1. Internet is just too costly in India. I use a measely 2mbps connection. And don’t talk about the FUP …its FU customer Policy.

    • True. If you read Airtel’s interview in Medianama, it shows that they have a less grasp of how internet functions to begin with. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge and lack of motivation to assimilate know for good has evolved as an advantage for them.

      – Roshan Ashraf Shaikh

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