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Indie DB have been a long supporter of independent developers and their games, the site is a great place to showcase work and build fan bases during and after development of a title. With all the hardwork that gets put into games, it’s always great to get a little appreciation and recognition for your work and despite only just releasing an alpha, the Players Choice 2013 Indie of the Year will likely come as little surprise to most. Starbound’s popularity is undeniable, which is why after 97,500 votes the players have crowned it this years best independent game. Despite it’s popularity however, only a handful of votes separated the top 10 indie games of 2013 which includes:

10. Rogue Legacy
9. Outlast
8. Tales of Maj’Eyal
7. Path of Exile
6. Into the Dark
5. The Stanley Parable
4. Space Engineers
3. Kerbal Space Program
2. Contagion
1. Starbound

“Congratulations to the victors and huge thanks to the award sponsor Desura, the developers and supporters of the awards who recognize the work that goes into making an amazing indie game.” – IndieDB

Personally I put my vote on Kerbal Space Program, I’m a sucker for anything physics based and it’s a great title, then again I’ve also been blown away by FTL (Faster Than Light) this year. What was your favourite indie gaming title of 2013?

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Thank you IndieDB for providing us with this information.

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