Gameloft Office Raided By Police, Mistaken for Gambling Den

/ 3 years ago

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Indonesian Police officers raided the local offices of mobile developer Gameloft this week, mistaking them for an illegal “gambling den”.

The police first barged their way in without a warrant, reportedly punching a security guard in the process.

They then sourced a warrant before returning to question the company’s employees. Eventually, they realised their misunderstanding and no charges were made against them. A report on local news site Tribun Jogja states that law enforcement didn’t quite understand what they did at the building.

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Gameloft is one of the biggest mobile gaming developers, the people behind a variety of original titles like ‘Monster Life’ and a host of games based on movie franchises like ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and Pixar’s ‘Cars’.

Source: Polygon

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