Insomnia i45 Day 1 Stage Event

/ 5 years ago

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Insomnia i45 Gaming Festival got off to a great start yesterday, with a grand introduction on the main stage, which was all usual stuff, coving what games are being played, which are too many to list, but the big ones like Battlefield, Minecraft, Starcraft II, Team fortress and Counter Strike do seem to be firm favourites.  We have several pro gaming teams down here to compete, with Team Dignitas who are down here with Antec and Team Infused who are sponcered by eTeknix.

Most of the exhibitors took to the stage shortly after the introductions with a few hundred eager fans raring to leap in the air to get as much free swag as possible, of which there was a lot! with everyone from Antec, Kustom PC, CCL, PC World and many more taking to the stage one after the other with bigger and bigger boxes of swag each time, throwing out everything from mouse mats, gaming mice, headsets, beta codes, in game credits, wearable merc, sweets and much much more.

Kustom PC and a few others even held some contests, giving away some stunning Rockus Soundscience speakers, we had 3 people in a contest to do the most push ups to win a prize, with the first man failing with 1/2 pushup and a close call between the other two around to 20 pushup mark, Kustom PC had a group of people sent on a fetch quest to find 5 items such as a piece of toilet roll with someone signature and a price list.  We had 3 people having to lay on their back holding their legs in the air for the longest, these kind of activities continued for a full 90min, leaving many a crowd member in a frenzy by the end and struggling to walk with pockets full of prizes.


Check out the next page for photos from the full stage event, plus check back with us later when we hope to have more videos and a booth by booth breakdown for you.

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