Intel 10 core Ivy Bridge-EP sample gets tested

/ 6 years ago

Intel have Ivy Bridge architecture coming out later this year for both the desktop and server market. The Ivy Bridge-EP architecture will further cement Intel’s position as chief of the server market. They are planning a 10 core 20 threaded processors which can work in a pair, all we know so far is this chip is an Intel Xeon based off 22nm Ivy Bridge technology and that it gave some impressive results.

The 10-core Ivy Bridge-EP/EX chip (LGA2011, 2P-capable) features 10 next-generation cores clocked at 2.80 GHz, with 256 KB L2 cache per core, 30 MB shared L3 cache, and HyperThreading technology that enables 20 logical CPUs. This chip crunched WPrime 1024M in 158.5 seconds, and scores 41.78X relative speed in Fritz chess when just 8 of its 20 threads are put to use. You can also find some pretty screen shots of CPU-Z with its long processor selection list and Windows 8 task manager.



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