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Comprehensive Intel 10900K vs AMD Ryzen Benchmarks Leak

In terms of Intel’s new Comet Lake-S platform, the official review NDA’s will break before the end of this month. As such, if you are anxious to learn just how good (or bad) this new series of CPUs are going to be, you don’t have much longer to go! It seems, however, that Chinese tech publication TecLab has decided to break ranks early by releasing not only a detailed review but also masses of comparative benchmarks between Intel’s flagship i9-10900K and the high-end AMD Ryzen 3XXX processors.

This is, put simply, the first major leak directly putting the two together and, while a grain of salt is recommended, it certainly makes for interesting reading!

Intel VS AMD – Benchmarks!

What Do We Think?

So, there’s clearly rather a lot to digest here. On the whole, however, what conclusions do we draw? Well, largely, that based on these results it appears that Intel’s upcoming flagship i9-10900K processor will at least be as good as the best that AMD Ryzen has to offer. Let that sink in for a second though.

Despite the fact that this AMD platform is (at the very least) 6 months old, Intel is only just keeping pace with them and, although you’re free to interpret these results as you wish, as far as we’re concerned, these results only really seems to show a comparative dead-heat with AMD only having any notable advantage when its higher-core count comes into play.

The benchmarks did, however, seemingly confirm one rumor surrounding the platform. Namely, that the Intel i9-10900K is going to be notably more power-hungry than its AMD counterparts.

So, in conclusion, do we think these benchmarks are legitimate? The short version is almost certainly yes. You don’t (usually) see this many results posted without there being some validity to it. Should you run off and accept these as final though? Hell no! You are still thoroughly recommended to avoid making any firm assumptions until the official NDA breaks and we start seeing masses of benchmarks from various sources that will, all going well, provide us with some type of conclusion. – For the time being, however, this is certainly a lot to take in!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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