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Intel Accused of Fudging the Facts in AMD Laptop Comparison

With AMD Ryzen officially entering the laptop market last year, while their impact so far has been reasonably low key, it has certainly (at the very least) been giving Intel something to think about. In a report via Videocardz, however, leaks promotional slides from Intel indicate that the company may be somewhat deliberately fudging the facts to attempt to show their systems running comparatively much stronger!

Intel Laptop Promotional Slides Leak

Now, we should start by noting that it is never unusual to see promotional slides being presented in such a manner to make one product look significantly better than another. Such is the nature of advertising! As you may be aware though, often these can be created using either limited information or under very specific or unique circumstances. In that regard, that is definitely the case here!

So, what’s going on there? Well, in specifically looking to compare the Core i7-10750H to the AMD Ryzen 4900HS, while on the surface it does appear that Intel’s performance is notable stronger, there are a number of key facts that have been omitted. Rather than going into detail on each one, however, I’ll give you the points in brief:

  • The Intel CPU and GPU combination listed here uses more power – 35W/65W (AMD) vs 45W/90W (Intel)
  • By proxy, the AMD laptop GPU is limited to 1185 MHz while the Nvidia option is 1560 MHz – In other words, Intel directly compared these while using a stronger version of the graphics card.

Put simply, it’s not a fair comparison! It’d be like comparing a desktop GPU’s performance to the mobile alternative! Intel’s laptop is more powerful, but only because the model they choose has a higher specification. In other words, they’re not good comparisons! Particularly in the realms of the graphics card!

What Do We Think?

For the sake of balance, we should note that Intel did not issue these slides for ‘end-user’ markets. In other words, they were likely produced specifically for retailers and/or manufacturing partners. Possibly for MSI to whom this Intel laptop system was created upon. That being said, given that the AMD Ryzen laptop was an ASUS design, you can perhaps understand why Intel didn’t want these slides out in the wild. I mean, call me crazy, but I imagine ASUS isn’t too happy about this comparison, particularly since you could argue (with more than a little success) that Intel hasn’t played with a straight bat here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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