Intel adds two new Celerons, the G460 and 807UE

/ 6 years ago

Intel is constantly updating its processor line up to keep itself competitive in all segments of the processor market. Today’s updates focus Intel towards the value and low power segments. The launch of the G460 processor has value for money in mind, with a tray price of just $37 per CPU. The Celeron G460 has a single core at 1.8GHz with hyperthreading enabled, so one core and two threads. It also packs 1.5MB of cache and Intel HD graphics onboard all within a thermal envelope of 35W. This processor has only just been launched but reports have stated this processor is available in Japanese stores already.

The Celeron 807UE s a single-core CPU, clocked at 1 GHz, and having 1 MB L3 cache. The processor integrates Intel HD graphics with 350 MHz / 800 MHz base and turbo frequencies, and it doesn’t support any advanced technologies. The processor has a TDP of just 10W and supports only a single memory channel making it more similar to the Atom processors than the Sandy Bridge architecture from which it derives itself.

Source: CPU World

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