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Intel Alder Lake-S System Appears Featuring DDR5 RAM

Although Intel has only recently announced the launch of its new 11th-gen Rocket Lake-S processors, I must admit that on a personal level, I’ve always been notably more curious (and excited) about what Alder Lake-S will provide consumers. – I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that Rocket Lake-S will be decent, but good enough to really bat off AMD’s Ryzen 5000 series? – I have my doubts!

Following a report via TechPowerUp, however, we certainly have some exciting news regarding Alder Lake-S. Specifically, a system specification list has leaked online. It would seem not only to confirm the processor’s existence and some very light performance figures, but it also shows it operating with presumably consumer-grade DDR5 memory!

Intel Alder Lake-S System Leaks

The processor itself is believed to be a 16-core/32-thread design. Albeit, exactly how that configuration will truly sit is still something of a moderate mystery as it’s understood that Alder Lake-S will (re)introduce the big.LITTLE CPU concept (high-load and low-load core allocations for more optimal task management).

With the system featuring DDR5 memory (albeit, with no speed listed), this clearly is a very exciting proposition for consumers. I think many would agree; the transition from DDR4 has been a long time coming. At the same time, it might take consumers a while to make the transition; it’ll undoubtedly be worth it.

What Do We Think?

Getting back to an earlier point I made, I am very much excited about what Alder Lake-S will offer consumers. Firstly, it’ll (finally) see Intel transition to a smaller node design (10nm) rather than simply sticking another plus mark on its ageing 14nm chipset. – More so, with a new motherboard socket and, of course, the introduction of DDR5 memory, as I see it, it may have taken Intel nearly 4 years, but they may finally have a true and legitimate response to AMD Ryzen.

Will that be the case, though? Well, with Alder Lake-S expected to launch around November this year, we have plenty of time yet for more leaks and speculation on the 12th-gen platform! – As for this particular specification, however, given the likelihood that this is very much a prototype system build, don’t read too much into this just yet!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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