Intel and Total Immersion planning on producing augmented reality chips

/ 6 years ago

During the Reuters Global Media Summit, Antoine Brachet, marketing chief of Total Immersion, announced the close collaboration between themselves and Intel to produce augmented reality chips.

This could prove to be a major advance in technology with augmented reality coming integrated with the chips themselves. This could then lead to a major growth and an easier adoption of the technology.

For those unaware, augmented reality works by overlaying real life images and videos with digital information, that includes text, images and graphics. It could easily be compared to the HUD, which gamers are more familiar with. An interesting example is this magician using augmented reality to enhance a card trick.

Total Immersion didn’t stop there, even though having been invested into by Intel back in March, Total Immersion has also made a deal recently with Texas Instruments, a rival chipmaker.

This could be one giant step into a revolutionary technology, and while it is uncertain when we can expect the augmented reality to arrive, Brachet suggested it would be between two and three years depending on how well the technology is accepted by the consumers.


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