Intel Arc Update Reportedly on the Way Which Boosts Performance Across the Board!

Is Intel’s Arc graphics card platform a flop? Well, while there’s still plenty of conjecture on the subject, one thing is abundantly clear. Consumers, and particularly gamers, don’t seem to be even mildly interested in any of them. – If you were, in fact, to write their (somewhat premature) obituary, you could probably sum it up quite succinctly in just a handful of brief sentences.

They came too late. They were too expensive. And they didn’t offer strong enough levels of performance.

In regards to the delays, however, one very strong theory was that Intel was having huge problems with the graphics cards in terms of overall compatibility. Driver issues were consistently mentioned, and, quite frankly, Intel hasn’t ever really done much to dissuade that opinion. In fact, it still seems to be a problem for Arc even now!

Following a report via Videocardz, however, information has leaked online suggesting that a new Intel Arc driver update will potentially result in significantly better (faster) performance from the graphics cards. – Massive? Probably not. Still, though, free performance is free performance!

Intel Arc to Get a New Performance Boosting Driver Update?

Now, for those of you with good memories, while this news is undoubtedly interesting, it should be noted that this wouldn’t be the first instance of Intel releasing new drivers for its Arc graphics cards that, effectively, gained performance by solving problems. And, in this regard, the source is saying that this is pretty much what we should expect here.

It’s claimed that Intel has finally been able to identify and resolve a bug which was putting the brakes on the overall performance of all their Arc graphics cards. As such, when this is released, and presuming the rumour is accurate, owners from the A380 all the way to the A780 should see better performance from their GPU.

Now all Intel has to try and solve is how to get these graphics cards off of retail shelves and into peoples systems!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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