Intel Begins Work on 7nm, 5nm Process Technologies

/ 6 years ago

Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel Corp. said that the company had begun to work on 7nm and 5nm process technologies. The company’s plans now are to equip its Oregon, Arizona and Irelands fabs to make chips using 14nm fabrication processes.

“Our research and development is quite deep, I talk about ten years,” said Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel.

Chief executive of the world’s largest maker of microprocessors said that that the company’s products made using 7nm and 5nm process technologies “on time and on target”.

“The invention continues. […] We will continue to deliver value to [our investors] and partners through our silicon technology,” said Mr. Otellini during a meeting with investors.

Source: XbitLabs


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  1. Rhydian Davies says:

    " 7nm a 5am process"

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