Intel Broadwell Processors Delayed – Desktop H Series Coming July-August 2015

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New information has emerged about Intel’s Broadwell which confirms the delay we heard about in the latest Intel roadmap 5 days ago (pictured above), except the delay is now longer: pushing the launch back to Q3 not Q2. Intel’s Broadwell processors for the desktop, the H variants, will arrive in July 2015 next year. Conversely Intel is still apparently on schedule to launch its Y series Broadwell CPUs, dubbed Core M, by the end of September this year. That means the Broadwell technology will be ready nearly a whole year before the Broadwell desktop processors see the light of day. What’s even more interesting is that Intel will be releasing refreshed Y series Broadwell CPUs before the end of 2014 as well as U series CPUs. This makes us wonder, why the delay with Broadwell LGA desktop processors? Is Intel trying to milk the desktop market for its Haswell and Haswell Refresh inventory before it moves on? Who knows, it certainly seems likely given the total lack of competition Intel face.

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Anyone interested in the details can see the table below. Note that the number configuration is “core + graphics technology” so a 2+2 means “dual core and GT2 graphics”, 2+3 means “dual core + GT3 graphics” and so on. Also the dating is being done on a weekly basis not with conventional dates so for the H Desktop LGA processors the Release To Supplier (RTS) date is between weeks 29 and 36 of 2015, that covers July, August and the first few days of September.


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