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Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore, Dies at 94

Not the best way to start a Saturday as there has been some unfortunate news from Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Gordon Moore the Co-Founder of Intel and the man behind Moore’s Law has died at age 94.

Gordon Moore 1929-2023

The Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation reported that on Friday 24th March Gordon Moore passed away peacefully surrounded by family at his home in Hawaii. Robert Moore is a staple of everything we know about computing today as alongside Robert Noyce he founded Intel in July 1968 serving as executive vice president until 1975, when he became president. In 1979, Moore was named chairman of the board and chief executive officer, posts he held until 1987, when he gave up the CEO position and continued as chairman. In 1997, Moore became chairman emeritus, stepping down in 2006.

Alongside founding Intel Moore is also the man behind ‘Moore’s Law’ which is the theory that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double every year. Gordon Moore was an essential part of computing as we know it today and his legacy will live on for generations to come.


Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

After retiring from Intel in 2006 Moore spent his time serving as chairman for the Gordon and Betty Foundation which he and his wife Betty founded to create positive outcomes for future generations through scientific discovery, environmental conservation and healthcare. The foundation has donated more than $5.1 Billion to charitable causes since its founding in 2000.

Intel’s Statement

“Those of us who have met and worked with Gordon will forever be inspired by his wisdom, humility and generosity,” reflected foundation president Harvey Fineberg. “Though he never aspired to be a household name, Gordon’s vision and his life’s work enabled the phenomenal innovation and technological developments that shape our everyday lives. Yet those historic achievements are only part of his legacy. His and Betty’s generosity as philanthropists will shape the world for generations to come.”


Death is an unfortunate thing but Gordon Moore has achieved many great things in his long life and career, may he rest in peace.

You can read more about Moore on the Foundation’s page commemorating his life.

Jakob Aylesbury

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