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Intel Coffee Lake 6 Core CPU-Z Leaked

In just a few short months, Intel will launch their new Coffee Lake lineup. Coming hot on the heels of Kaby Lake, the new lineup may be the biggest update in recent memory. After sticking to a tried and true formula, Intel is changing things up with 6 core mainstream processors. The rumoured Core i7 8700K six core processor leads the charge. Intel has not revealed any specifications yet but we now have a CPU-Z screenshot.

Coffee Lake uses the same 14nm process as Kaby Lake and uses the architecture from Skylake. However, Intel has optimised their design even more, claiming a 30% performance increase from the same power draw. Part of this performance increase is likely due to an increased core count. The mainstream core count goes from 4 cores 8 threads to 6 cores and 12 threads. Who knows what other tricks Intel has up their sleeves.

CPU-Z Shows Coffee Lake on LGA 1151

From the CPU-Z screenshot, the chip is probably the Core i7 8700K based on the specifications. The engineering sample has 6 cores and 12 threads with a base clock of 3.5 GHz and a boost clock of 4.3 GHz. The BCLK is set at 100 MHz with a TDP of 80W.  Doubtless, we will have new chipsets on the LGA 1151 platform. Cache size is the standard ratio with 12MB of L3 cache. The sources interestingly blurred out the L2 cache. Perhaps Intel is tweaking the L2 cache away from the usual 256KB in an effort to boost efficiency.

We’ve been waiting for a long time for Intel to release mainstream six core processors. Part of the reason we are finally getting them is that software is ready for it. In addition, AMD is finally competitive again with Zen. Because Ryzen offers so many cores for so cheap, Intel has to respond in some way. Luckily for us, this competition should drive down costs and spur multithreading even more.

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