Intel confirms “8MB” SSD bug

/ 7 years ago

Intel has officially confirmed, after a substantially amount of grumblings on the official Intel support forum, that there is an issue with a lot of Intel 320 Series solid state drives known as the “8MB” bug. The basic issue is that under a system power failure the Intel 320 series SSD will revert back to a capacity of 8MB, according to some preliminary research the drive keeps trying to reconnect to the SATA port it is in rather than shutting down properly.

Intel has not made any announcements regarding whether the issues is a hardware problem (which would mean recall and refund/replacement), a firmware issue (which would require a patch/flash of some sort) or when it can actually be fixed by. For now the only thing disgruntled owners can do is contact customer support register their product has a fault and wait for Intel to take the appropriate action on it.

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2 Responses to “Intel confirms “8MB” SSD bug”
  1. lucas4 says:

    did somebody mention P67 B2 boards :rolleyes:?

  2. gaetan says:

    well, I suppose that's gonna leave a dent in Intel's SSDs reliability :/

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