Intel Confirms Cannon Lake for Year End

/ 1 year ago

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Amid the new announcements for Kaby Lake, one of the new items that didn’t garner quite as much attention is Intel’s upcoming lineup. According to previously leaked roadmaps, Kaby Lake is expected to be succeeded by Cannon Lake by the end of this year. This follows Intel’s new PAO cycle of process, architecture, and optimization. During their CES event, Intel confirmed that Cannon Lake would be on track for release before the end of the year.

During the event, CEO Brian Krzanich held up a device sporting Cannon Lake. Essentially, it will be the same as Skylake for the CPU portion but shrunk down. Just like with Kaby Lake, I expect we will see some improvements on the GPU side.The new generation of processors will be built on the 10nm process technology. Earlier rumours had suggested delays for 10nm but it appears that won’t be the case.

Just as with Kaby Lake, the initial release will be targetted once more at U and Y low power processors. Desktop users will likely have to wait a bit longer and likely into 2018 before their processors arrive. Reports have suggested that we may finally see Intel offering 6 cores on the mainstream LGA 115x lineup for once. With AMD launching Zen 6 cores by the end of Q1, it looks like its going to be an interesting year or so going forward.

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