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Intel Confirms Tiger Lake H 8-Core Mobile Processors

With AMD starting to make significant moves again in the laptop market last year, while we doubt that Intel is as overly worried about that as the current state of affairs with desktop CPUs, they are clearly going to be more than a little cautious to avoid a similar situation developing. Following the launch of Tiger Lake-U earlier this month, however, a lot of attention has turned towards Tiger Lake-H. A design that, at least in theory, should represent some more comparatively powerful mobile CPUs.

Well, in this regard, following a report via Videocardz, Intel has confirmed that at least some of the designs from this upcoming CPU range will feature 8-core processors.

Intel Tiger Lake-H

Speaking in an interview, Intel’s Corporate Vice President of Client Computing Grou, Boyd Phelps, has confirmed that the company is currently working on 8-core processors based on the Willow Cove core design that is set to be released under the ‘Tiger Lake-H’ product line-up.

“The Willow Cove core increases the mid-level cache to 1.25MB — up from 512KB. We also added a 3MB non-inclusive last-level-cache (LLC) per core slice. A single core workload has access to 12MB of LLC in the 4-core die or up to 24MB in the 8-core die configuration (more detail on 8-core products at a later date).”

Low Power Mobile Processors

Reports are suggesting that Tiger Lake-H processors will range in TDP from 35w to 45w depending on the performance/core count offered in the design and in terms of competition, it seems pretty clear that Intel is clearly looking to pit these new upcoming processors against AMD’s Ryzen 5000H series. Put simply though, with more competition in the mobile (laptop) market, the only true winner can surely only be us humble consumers and while we already have some pretty decent options available, it seems that in 2021, things are only going to get better!

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