Intel Core i7 3610QM gets tested

/ 6 years ago

Intel’s next generation Ivy Bridge mobile processors are giving out impressive results. Based on the 22nm Ivy Bridge process the Core i7 3610QM (Q= quad core and M= mobile) will come in with a 2.3GHz base speed and up to 3.3GHz turbo mode for applications that require less than all 4 cores. There’s a healthy 6MB of L3 Cache and full support for the entire Ivy Bridge instruction set (including SSE4.2, AVE, VT-x, MMX and more, see here for additional info). Donanim Haber have managed to test this fine piece of silicon from Intel inside a Samsung notebook and naturally the first thing they did was run SuperPi 1M and 2M; and Cinebench R11. The chip finished off SuperPi 1M in 11.66 s and 2M in 26.67 s. The Cinebench result was the most impressive, with 6.09 points being higher than the FX 8150, except done with a 45W TDP not a 125W TDP and on a mobile platform. The result also means the i7 3610QM is faster than Intel’s own i7 975 Extreme Edition processor. A single threaded test result would of been nice to see how Ivy Bridge’s core per core performance stacks up against Sandy Bridge in the mobile market.

Source: DonanimHaber

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