Intel Core i7 4790K “Devil’s Canyon” Processor Review

/ 3 years ago

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Power Consumption and Temperatures

Power Consumption

To measure power consumption we use a killawatt meter and measure the total system power draw at the wall. We run three different scenarios for 5 minutes and take the average reading, these are Windows desktop idle, AIDA64’s system stability test and Prime95’s blend test.



To measure temperatures we run three different scenarios for 5 minutes: Windows desktop idle, AIDA64 Engineer system stability test and Prime95 Blend system load. We take the average maximum core temperature for AIDA64 and Prime95 and take the average minimum core temperature for desktop idle.

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The Core i7 4790K did run slightly cooler than the Core i7 4770K when overclocked. From our testing this was only 2-5 degrees cooler but considering we were using 1.35 volts on the Core i7 4790K and just 1.275 volts on the Core i7 4770K the results are much better than they appear.

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