Intel Core i7 4790K Reaches 7GHz With 1.79 Volts On ASRock Z97 OC Formula

/ 3 years ago


The Core i7 4790K has already surpassed the 7 GHz barrier reaching an impressive 7003.38 MHz under some exotic LN2 cooling, that’s despite the new chip being out for less than a month. The feat is similar to what we’ve already seen with the Core i7 4770K except lower volts were needed. That said a smoking hot 1.792 volts were required to bump the “Devil’s Canyon” Core i7 4790K up to the 7GHz target. The feat was achieved by ASRock’s Nick Shih and unsurprisingly he was using the new ASRock Z97 OC Formula motherboard to reach the target. The rest of the system was fairly basic with 4GB of RAM and 32 bit Windows 7.

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In related news just last week John Lam achieved an impressive 7181.23MHz on the Core i7 4770K using Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU). He was also using the ASRock Z97 OC Formula motherboard so it certainly seems as if it is a very strong board for overclocking.

Source: ASRock, Via: TechPowerUp

Image courtesy of HWBot

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