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Intel Core i9 10920X Processor Review

The latest Intel 10th generation processors definitely launched with an explosion, but not the good kind. It was found (mainly with the 10980XE) to be expensive and frankly lacklustre compared to the existing 9th generation CPUs but more importantly; against AMD.

Being a HEDT “part”, it was found to be lacking in performance compared to the higher-end consumer level parts from AMD, such as the 3900X and 3950X which also gives a bit of a blow when it comes to pricing too.

While most media reviewed the 16 core, 36 thread, 10980XE, we had our own sights set on the lower end 10940X (14 cores/28 threads) and 10900X (10 core/20 threads) processors. With those 3 models aside, the only one left is what we’ve got for you today. The Core i9 10920X offering up 12 cores and 24 threads.

Without stomping over old ground, we invite you to check our review on the 10940X & 10900X to become more acquainted with the latest Intel 10th generation processors and how they compare against each other in the stack, at least in terms of specifications.

Intel Core i9-10920X

So let’s focus on the CPU in hand. The Core i9-10920X. Sitting firmly in the middle of the stack, it’s specifications are quite similar to the 10940X with a 200MHz faster base clock and consequently, a 200MHz faster all core turbo speed. Sharing many of the main characteristics of the other “X-Series” processors including 19.25MB L3 cache, 165W TDP and quad-channel DDR4-2933 support, how will this compare to its bigger brothers and those AMD counterparts?

i9-10920X Features

  • Cores/Threads – 12/24
  • Base/Turbo/Turbo Max 3.0 – 3.5GHz/4.6GHz/4.8GHz
  • TDP – 165w
  • Socket – LGA2066
  • Chipset – X299
  • PCI Lanes – 48 @ PCIe 3.0

For in-depth specifications, please visit the official Intel product page here.

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Peter Donnell

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