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Intel DG2 Slide Leaks – Performance & Budget King GPUs?

It’s been well known for at least two years now that Intel has been planning to enter the world of dedicated gaming graphics card designs. However, catching up to where AMD and Nvidia are currently at has clearly taken some time. Even despite the huge resources at Intel’s disposal.

Following a leaked (and seemingly official) slide posted by a Baidu user, however, it would appear that not only is Intel planning to introduce their DG2 graphics cards in 2022, but with two options available, they’re not only going to be legitimately competing with AMD and Nvidia, but they might also have an offering that could potentially see them become the new Budget Kings!

Intel DG2 Slide Leaks Online

Assuming that the slide is both accurate and legitimate (and we’re entirely open to the possibility that it is not), starting with their top-spec SOC1 graphics card model, it would appear that Intel is looking for this GPU to perform at something of a comparable level to the Nvidia 3070 and the AMD Radeon 6700 XT. Definitely a pretty potent swing for what would represent Intel’s first flagship GPU outing. More so given the potentially highly competitive price tag the slide would seem to suggest.

With the SOC2, however, the plot does thicken quite significantly. If proven correct, it would appear that Intel is looking to bring a brand new budget-king (or Queen if you prefer) graphics card option to the market at a sub-$200 level. Given that this is a market that has largely been ignored by both AMD and Intel over (roughly speaking) the last 2 years, against a lot of expectations, Intel, despite their reputation for cost, might be looking to turn itself into the new champions of affordable dedicated graphic card solutions!

What Do We Think?

While the Intel DG2 platform has garnered a lot of attention and enthusiasm ever since it was initially revealed to be in development, the consensus among the community has largely agreed upon some key points. Namely, that while it’s expected that their first GPU releases will be decent, albeit not exactly competing with the best out there, they would likely come with the pretty hefty price tag associated with the Intel brand. – If this slide is proven correct, however, Intel may not only have an exceptionally competent GPU that can legitimately compete with the upper to mid-tier of what AMD and Nvidia have, but perhaps hit the market at a comparable, or dare I say, a price that offers consumers better value for money! Throw into the mix that budget SOC2 solution, and on the whole, Intel may be onto a surprisingly huge hit here with the PC community.

Presuming that these DG2 graphics cards are not being optimised or exclusively designed to only work with Intel processors. And at the time of writing, that remains quite a big question.

With CES 2022 less than 4 months away, though, it is looking more and more likely that these DG2 GPUs will be officially unveiled at the event and possibly available to purchase before the end of February. – So, perhaps against a lot of expectations, it may be Intel who comes to save the day in terms of finally giving us a third option against the absolute garbage levels of graphics card stock we’ve seen available to buy over the last year. And better still, it might actually be decent and better value for money!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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