Intel discontinues Core i7 mobile processors

/ 5 years ago

Intel yesterday published Product Change Notification (PCN), advising its customer about upcoming discontinuation of several mobile microprocessors from the second-generation Core i7 family. Specifically, the company will retire Core i7-2920XM Extreme Edition, PGA and BGA versions of quad-core i7-2820QM and i7-2720QM CPUs, as well as dual-core i7-2620M. All processors, that are about to be discontinued, have been on the market since January 2011. The last order date for these SKUs is December 19, 2012, and they will ship until June 19, 2013. By the time the Core i7-2x20M/i7-2x20QM chips are end-of-lifed, Intel will still have in production faster i7-2640M and i7-2x60QM Sandy Bridge models, along with Ivy Bridge i7-3520M and i7-3x20QM mobile processors. It’s likely that by December Intel may also release even faster i7-3x40QM parts.

Source: CPU World

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