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Intel Discontinues i9-9900K Dodecahedron Packaging

Over the last few years we’ve seen (arguably) some of the weirdest and wildest processor packaging styles ever released. For example, the AMD Threadripper CPUs come in quite fancy and certainly eye-catching boxes. It seems, however, that one of Intel’s most iconic designs has officially come to an end.

What I hear you ask? Well, in a report via TechPowerUp, Intel has officially discontinued its highly-distinctive dodecahedron style packaging for its i9-9900K processor.

Intel Discontinues Distinctive i9-9900K Packaging

Coming in an official ‘end of life’ notification, it seems that Intel has finally decided to put an end to one of its most iconic pieces of packaging by ceasing production of its dodecahedron packaging for the i9-9900K.

While there is still no news of any change to the “limited edition” Core i9-9900KS it seems likely that with the recent release of the Comet Lake-S platform, Intel is clearly looking to shave costs, wherever possible, on this older (but still impressive potent) processor.

So, while the i9-9900K will, of course, still be available to purchase, the chances are that the box work is going to get a heck of a lot simpler from this point onward!

What Do We Think?

It’s sad to see the end of this line of packaging, largely because it was simply just so distinctive. You ask people in the industry (or owners) about the i9-9900K one of the first things that comes to mind is that crazy bit of box work it came in.

All good things must, however, come to an end. So thanks Intel, it was definitely fun while it lasted!

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Mike Sanders

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