Intel “DZ77GA-70K” Z77 Ivy Bridge motherboard pictured

/ 6 years ago

As we know from the last couple of generations of Intel chipsets, Intel likes to make its own motherboards. Z77 will bring no exceptions, The Intel DZ77FA-70K is an LGA 1155 Z77 based motherboard. The DZ77FA-70K is an exact replica of the DZ77RE-75K except that the former lacks Thunderbolt support whilst the latter is equipped with the latest Cactus Ridge Thunderbolt controller. Intel has provided two PCI Express Gen 3 slots along with a couple of legacy PCI slots, some PCI Express Gen 2 1X and 4X slots to finish things off. SATA wise it looks like there will be eight SATA ports, 4 SATA III and 4 SATA II. 2 of those SATA III ports are provided by a Marvell controller. There is also a PLX PCI Express bridge chip as the Z77 doesn’t provide enough lanes to support all the PCI Express connectivity Intel has added to this board.

On the motherboard Intel has included a power and reset button, ideal for those using this on a test bench. There are also some diagnostic LEDs for users to play with in addition to four 4 pin PWM fan headers. The VRM is reportedly 10 phase for the CPU with another 2 phases for the integrate graphics. The VRM and Z77 chipsets are both covered by Intel blue heat sinks. Intel will also supply a front USB 3.0 bracket with the board and a RazerZone discount voucher. More detailed specs at the Intel website here.

Source: VR-Zone


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