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Intel Executive Confirms Supply Levels are Still a Problem

For anyone paying attention to the Intel news over the last year, it can not have escaped your attention that the company has been having something of an issue in actually making their processors in good numbers. Oh, don’t get us wrong, this hasn’t resulted in any major problems for consumers. In the whole supply/demand aspect, however, Intel has definitely been treading water and spinning plates trying to keep everyone happy.

It seems, however, that efforts to improve this (while making steps in the right direction) are still falling behind their expectations as in a report via TechSpot, a senior Intel executive has written a letter to customers and partners apologizing for the continued problem.

Intel Executive Confirms that Supply Issues Still Exist

In the letter (which you can read in full above) Michelle Johnson Holthaus of Intel has confirmed that while they have significantly improved their production levels, they’re still not at a rate which is meeting the growth seen in the 2019 market.

“Supply remains extremely tight in our PC business where we are operating with limited inventory buffers. This makes us less able to absorb the impact of any production variability, which we have experienced in the quarter. This has resulted in the shipment delays you are experiencing, which we appreciate is creating significant challenges for your business”

What Do We Think?

As we noted earlier, for the average consumer you shouldn’t have any problems getting hold of most of Intel’s current range of processors. The shortage is (predominantly) affecting those who are putting in large orders. As such, Intel is having them delivered piecemeal just to make sure that there’s enough to go around.

It does, of course, lead to speculation that if there is any market shortfall AMD will be onto too happy to fill the void. There are, however, rumours that even they are struggling to get solid numbers of processors off the production lines. For us humble consumers, however, we don’t think there’s any need to panic. Yes, there might be supply issues. The chances that they will directly stop you getting the processor you want (outside of the realms of the latest and greatest tech) is unlikely. So, keep calm and carry on I guess.

What do you think? Have you noticed any issues when trying to buy a processor? Do you think this problem is affecting both AMD and Intel? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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