Intel Formally Discontinues its 11th-Gen Raptor Lake Processor Series

Intel launched their 11th-gen Rocket Lake processor platform in March 2021 and overall, while not a resounding success, it did prove to be relatively popular with consumers. Albeit, given the continued retention of the heavily ageing 14nm node design, this did, once again, see another (somewhat infamous at the time) ‘+’ sign added to the architecture’s chipset name.

With their 12th-gen Alder Lake processor platform set for release before the end of 2021 (with a new LGA1700 socket), however, Rocket Lake, to me at least, always represented more of a last hurrah for LGA1200 meaning that it never seemed likely that Intel was going to hang onto it for any longer than necessary. – And while on this subject, it seems that that time has finally come!

Yes, following a report via TechPowerUp, Intel has quietly confirmed that Rocket Lake is now discontinued!

Intel Confirms Rocket-Lake Has Entered its End-Of-Life

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, the short version is that Intel has officially wound up production of their Raptor Lake platform, and, ultimately, we should shortly expect to see the retail supply of it dry up over the coming months. Not, incidentally, that too many retailers are still keeping this now 2-generation old CPU series in stock.

For Intel though, the move does make a lot of sense. Rocket Lake was on an older and completely separate socket platform from both Alder Lake and Raptor Lake and retaining this manufacturing chain clearly couldn’t have been that cost-effective for them anymore.- Not to mention, as noted above, Rocket Lake didn’t really offer colossally huge improvements on their prior 10th-gen Comet Lake series. It didn’t necessarily flop with consumers, but it certainly wasn’t overly attractive either. Not with Alder Lake known to be just on the horizon!

And if that sounds like an obituary for Raptor Lake. Well, I guess that’s because it is!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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