Intel Gemini Lake SoC Leaked and Detailed

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Over the past decade, Intel’s Atom CPU architectures have come a long way. Starting as neglected netbook processors, the Atom architecture has grown to include the Celeron and Pentium lineups. Just like the mainstream Core lineup, the Atom processors also feature a release cadence. Following up on Apollo Lake last year, Intel is releasing their new Gemini Lake processors later this year.

From the latest leaks, we have some idea of what Gemini Lake will be like. Compared to Apollo Lake, Gemini Lake features the same underlying design. However, Gemini Lake is optimised and uses the latest 14nm node. The chip draws a mere 6W for the mobile version and can go as long a 4W. More technically, Gemini Lake uses Goldmont Plus compared to Goldmont for Apollo Lake. The only major change is bumping the overall L2 cache from 2 MB to 4 MB.

Intel has also upped the memory support for the single 64bit DDR4 controller. Higher speeds are available and maximum system memory is increased to 16 GB from 8 GB. As chip performance starts to climb, the increased memory support will be great for those seeking to make use of the increased multitasking performance. The GPU also gets an upgrade, with the Gen9 design now featuring 18 EUs. Intel is reportedly launching the new chips sometime in Q4 2017.

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