Intel gets approval to have 14nm Chip Plant worth $4 Billion in Ireland

/ 5 years ago

Intel announced its ambitious plan for building a new plant for fabricating 14nm chips named “Fab 24”. Intel will be investing $4 Billion and it will take 2 years for its construction.

Final approval is still required from Intel’s board of directors, but once its gets the final approval which is said to generate approximately 3,500 construction jobs and 800 permanent high-tech fabrication jobs. One of the reasons that Intel maybe having a fabrication plant in Ireland is the fact that the country has only 12.5% as corporate tax, one of the lowest in the world. 

The local regulatory agency approved the plan last Thursday. The 14nm manufacturing fab will be built on an existing campus with 224,819 sq. meters, out of which 101,000 sq. meters is dedicated for a 3-story fab facility with an open-air clean room for ICs.

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