Intel Haswell Mobile “Core i7 4930MX” Flagship Gets Benchmarked

/ 5 years ago

According to a leaked Intel Haswell roadmap by VR-Zone, Intel’s Haswell mobile flagship will be launching on June the 3rd 2013. These mobile Haswell chips will be based around the 22nm Haswell micro-architecture, like their desktop counterparts, except will operate within much stricter power thresholds and utilize a reduced die size. The specifications of the three Haswell mobile Core i7 processors can be seen below courtesy of WCCF Tech.


The Intel Core i7 4930MX is the latest mobile processor to get put under the microscope and below you can see its CPU-Z validation.


The GPU-Z of the Intel Haswell mobile Core i7 4930MX shows that it uses Intel HD 4600 graphics.


More importantly though, Intel’s Core i7 4930MX processor was tested in a few benchmarks of which you can see the results below:

AIDA64 Extreme Edition:

  • CPU AES – 16492 MB/s
  • CPU ZLiB – 309.1 MB/s
  • CPU Hash – 3014 MB/s
  • CPU PhotoWorxx – 14315 Mpixel/s

3DMark 11:

  • Performance Preset – P1418
  • Extreme Preset – X374
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Further game benchmarks were also run here, but the results are a bit “hit and miss” and hard to put into context so we haven’t bothered trying to include them. In an effort to put those other results in context for you, here are a few other results from other processors running AIDA64 Extreme Edition suite tests:

AIDA64 Extreme Edition:

  • CPU PhotoWorxx – FX 8350 (12508 Mpixel/s), i7 3770K (14045 Mpixel/s), A10 5800K (9142 Mpixel/s) and i7 3960X (22812 Mpixel/s) source
  • CPU ZLiB –  FX 8350 (328 MB/s), FX 8150 (262 MB/s) and 2500K (218 MB/s) – source
  • CPU Hash – FX 8350 (4110 MB/s), FX 8150 (3678 MB/s) and 2500K (2599 MB/s) – source

So as you can see the Core i7 4930MX certainly compares favourably to current generation desktop processors rivaling the likes of the Core i7 3770K in most tests but with a much smaller TDP. What are your thoughts on these benchmark results?


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