Intel i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM processors spotted

/ 6 years ago

Ivy Bridge mobile processors have been out for just over a month now and the initial launch consisted of only Core i7 models. This trend continues with the next models Intel will be introducing, both quad core parts from the i7 range. The soon to be available i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM will both be retail parts and will replace the current Ivy Bridge mobile i7-3720QM and i7-3820QM processors. These processors should come with higher clock speeds than the parts they replace but within the same thermal envelope of 45W whilst retaining all other features such as, 4 cores, 8 threads, 6MB (37X0QM)/ 8MB (38X0QM) cache, turbo boost 2.0 and HD 4000 graphics.

Availability and pricing is not yet known but the parts these new CPUs will replace cost $378 and $568 respectively so expect these to be similar i.e. within 10%. Information about these CPUs surfaced on the Intel Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS).

Source: CPU World

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