Intel i7 4770K Overclocked to 5GHz On Just 0.9 Volts

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Of late it seems like Ocaholic could pull the lost city of Atlantis out of the CPU-Z database if they wanted to. Their latest find concerns the i7 4770K and is another exciting installment for enthusiasts to speculate over. According to this latest CPU-Z validation the Haswell Core i7 4770K is capable of running at 5GHz with just 0.9 volts. This is incredibly impressive given that you’d need about 1.4 to 1.5 volts to get an Ivy Bridge i7 3770K to that same mark.

Although it is possible to get into Windows and validate the clock speed at 5GHz on a i7 3770K with about 1.25 volts (depending on the quality of your chip). Consequently, we can’t actually tell from this CPU-Z validation if this is 5GHz stable or just a 5GHz validation. Either way it is still impressive because at 0.9 volts it is 0.35 less volts needed to grab a validation of the i7 3770K at the same clock speed and, if it is 5GHz stable then, it is 0.6 volts less than what is required to get the i7 3770K stable at 5GHz.

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The rest of the test platform included a single Team Group 4GB module at 1333MHz, an ASRock Z87 Extreme4 motherboard and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 32bit. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Haswell can run stable at 5GHz with just 0.9 volts? Do you think it is just a validation-run? Or is CPU-Z just misreading the voltages?


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2 Responses to “Intel i7 4770K Overclocked to 5GHz On Just 0.9 Volts”
  1. This will do wonders to power consumption. A content creation dream come true.

  2. B00ger says:

    Too bad that isn’t the correct voltage information. You can easily make it do that in the bios.

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