Intel i7 7700K Geekbench 4 Scores Leaked

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While mobile Kaby Lake is out and about, it’s still going to be a while before we get our first desktop chips. That’s because Intel’s holding off on the mainstream chips like the i7 7700K until early next year in 2017. However, more details are starting to surface about the new lineup and we’re getting our first benchmark for the new mainstream flagship. This time, we have the i7 7700K being put through Geekbench 4.

In the popular multi-aspect benchmark, the i7 7700K manages to score 6131 in the single threaded test and 20234 in the multithreaded test. Unfortunately,  Geekbench, in general, suffers from performance inconsistency can sometimes be a problem. Becuase of this we can’t read too much into the results just yet. However, it does show that the chips are getting out into the wild with results leaking out. This will hopefully mean we’ll get some more representative benchmarks soon.

For the i7 7700K and Kaby Lake as a whole, Intel is tuning the process to eek out more gains. According to Intel, the new 14+nm process offers 12% increased performance. This is where we will see much of the gains, with a base clock of 4.2 GHz and boost clock of at least 4.4 GHz. The big question tough is how has overclocking improved as Intel is not tweaking the x86 part of the architecture. Hopefully, we’ll get some more benchmarks to show Kaby Lake will really perform.

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