Intel i7-8700K Coffee Lake CPU Geekbench Score Leaks

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Intel i7-8700K Geekbench Score Leaks

The next generation Intel “Coffee Lake” desktop CPU line will hit stores on October 5. This is the actual availability date since the previous August 22 launch date is a paper launch. It is known is that Intel is bringing up the core-count from four to six on the top end models. Moreover, the lower end i3 models are also getting quad-core versions from the typical dual-core count. As that date approaches, more and more leaks are showing up. The latest shows the Geekbench performance score and an EVGA Z370 motherboard.

Intel i7-8700K in GeekBench

Intel i7-8700K Geekbench Score Leaks

The benchmark shows it was run recently on September 8 on a Windows 10 System.  The single core benchmark shows a 5773 score, while the multi-core result shows 24260. Thankfully, the Geekbench database is openly available for everyone to browse. If we compare it to the quad-core i7-7700K, the single core performance is close at 5724 vs 5773. Meanwhile, the multi core performance is predictably much better at 18779 vs 24260. Keep in mind that the i7-8700K is a six-core processor.

Unlike Cinebench, Geek bench shows that the Ryzen 5 1600X multicore performance is a lot lower than the i7-8700K at 18651 vs 24260. Even the i7-7700K multi-core performance is higher than the Ryzen 5 1600X, unlike what Cinebench shows.

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