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Intel i7-9700k Overclocked to 5.5GHz In Benchmarks Leak

Intel i7-9700k Benchmarks

If the rumours are to be believed, then Intel isn’t planning on releasing (or at least revealing) the Intel i7-9700k until around October. Since when, however, did that ever stop details about something leaking online. We were literally flooded with Nvidia 20XX in the weeks leading up to the launch and it seems now that attention has been turned to the brand new Intel processors.

In a report via Videocardz, leaked benchmarks for the upcoming Intel i7-7700k would show it is capable of being overclocked to 5.5GHz. What’s most impressive, however, is that it doesn’t appear that any specifically high-tech kit has been done to achieve this.

ASRock Z370

In the benchmarks shown, the system appears to use an ASRock Z370 motherboard. As such the results are particularly impressive as you would expect something this high to have used a Z390 board. In addition, the CPU is confirmed as being cooler using only a water cooler. In brief, this would indicate that a 5.5GHz overclock is very achievable even on a modest system. Well, modest in terms of overclocking.


In the Cinebench testing, the i7-9700k scores 1827/250. This certainly makes it higher than the 8700k it’s looking to replace, but more than that, the single core score is exceptionally impressive even for this early into the rumour mill surrounding this processor.

It certainly looks like Intel might be set to surprise us again before the end of the year. This is looking very good indeed! Well, assuming this is all legit.

What do you think? Impressed with the benchmarking scores? What about the overclock speed? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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